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A dating program that works and pays out well

The works part is pretty easy to explain, so why even go there and waste all that time with the same old bla bla bla… you know what I’m talking about. On this post I’d like to talk about a Dating Program that has been around for eleven years and has never missed out on a payment. I know webmasters that have been that long with the website affiliate program that you can see I’ve linked in this post and the same webmasters state that they’ve been paid on time all the time and that it’s a very solid company.

Thats where you see when a company is honest or not. When they pay on time, they pay you every penny and they never hold back on anything, if you earned it, be sure that these guys will pay it. Thats why they have already three thousand webmasters that use the program and that they have been in business all this time. When you fuck around with people that promote your product, you don’t last long. They’ve been here since 2001, that should say it all guys!

College chicks single and need a date

Why is it that we see all the time, these college babes that use dating sites to find a date? Well, some of these chicks aren’t single, in some cases they have boyfriends at their hometown and can’t date anyone on campus, simply because word gets out easy and she’ll be classified as a whore. Then there’s the college student that likes to have sex with a lot of different people, so they don’t want to do that on campus, because once again, they’ll be classified as a whore. So, thats why you see so many of them on these date singles websites, but also on other dating sites designed for cheaters, such as AmateurMatch.com or others of this massive network.

So, if you like dating singles, but also college girls and boys that have already a relationship in their lives, you know where to go and if you were wondering why there are so many of them on US and Canadian websites, then now your question has been answered. Have I dated a college girl? Yes! However I’m 41 years of age and college babes are looking in the most for guys their age on in their thirties, but in some cases I’m OK for a one night stand 🙂

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New blowjob porn video exclusive and free

How about some porn, instead of the same old boring motherfucking shit that you get to see over and over again on the large porn tubes that smother the internet with their stolen videos? New as in exclusive, free and never seen before and most of all, porn videos that other websites don’t have yet. You can find them over at Boned.com. Pretty fucking awesome if you ask me. Only thing though is that they don’t add more than one video a day. But put it this way, it’s a video that you’ve never got to see yet, so thats one hell of a big fucking deal in my eyes!

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Webmasters go Datinggold.com and make cash!

I’ve always wanted to post about this Dating Affiliate Program, but really I haven’t had the time, you know, with all the porn posts that I have to publish on all the blogs that I cooperate with, but my job is done for the day and I see that I haven’t posted on this blog for a while, so I can put down a few words that is pretty good news for webmasters in general, adult and mainstream.

The first time that I’ve tried them out was a fucking knock out. I had just gotten ripped off by a company that was a third party and was feeding me dating ads to place on all my sites. It was great for the first year, then I noticed bit by bit they were shaving down my sales and it just got worse time after time. Not only, the free sign ups I was selling were shaved as well, 10% per month, lower and lower, then came the day I told them to get lost.

I was left without a dating program to promote and considering its something that my visitors like I had to find an alternative. It was sitting there all the time and it had been around for years. Datinggold.com is the name, money is the game. Money because it fucking sells. Sells, simply because it offers it’s who signs up a real service to find someone to have sex with and it works. I get emails all the time from visitors that have signed up thinking that it’s my website and want to thank me for the great service that they offer.

I also like very much the options that they offer webmasters of all kinds, so if you’re an adult related webmaster with porn sites, they have you covered with all the content and tools that you could ever think of. On the other hand if your sites are mainstream then have no fear, they have all sorts of options for these sites as well. So as you can see it has no matter if your site is of chicks taking dicks or a brokers info page, they can make you sell.

Pornstar Now into Webcam

It’s really hard to think that Angela here was a successful pornstar, then one day she got off the set and while she was driving home in her $250,000 car, she said, fuck this I need to quit porn. Thats what she said and thats what she told me in person when we met for an interview a few days back. She also told me that she needed to stay in the biz of adult entertainment as she had a very high request. She is a specialist for taking it up the ass, so when I told her that WebcamClub.com had a Anal Webcam Girls section, she was all over it and called in the guys in California that run the webcam network right away. Needless to say that they hired her sweet ass right away and she started giving out shows that same afternoon. I’m on the list for a free show, she said that I can have all the free shows I want as I was the one that sort of found her this job. Well if thats the case I’ll be taking total advantage of the situation and will report back to you all every time, how about that?

Amateur Match Video Chat

It makes perfect sense that before you meet up and spend cash on a dinner, drinks and a hotel. You’d like to see who you’re going to date. I know that Amateurmatch.com is for people that want to get laid right away and to do it in many cases behind their spouses back, but the idea of adding an internal video chat makes things a lot easier. So she or he can post a pic of themselves 30 lbs lighter 10 years ago and make it look like thats who they are now. Not with the Amateur Match Chat option. If they don’t want to log on then you know that they have something to hide and you simply move on to the next possible date or affair, either way. Amateur Match this way have made it crystal clear, no one can make themselves look great or pretend to be someone else. This is something else, something more that they offer to their members, cool stuff indeed!

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