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College chicks single and need a date

Why is it that we see all the time, these college babes that use dating sites to find a date? Well, some of these chicks aren’t single, in some cases they have boyfriends at their hometown and can’t date anyone on campus, simply because word gets out easy and she’ll be classified as a whore. Then there’s the college student that likes to have sex with a lot of different people, so they don’t want to do that on campus, because once again, they’ll be classified as a whore. So, thats why you see so many of them on these date singles websites, but also on other dating sites designed for cheaters, such as AmateurMatch.com or others of this massive network.

So, if you like dating singles, but also college girls and boys that have already a relationship in their lives, you know where to go and if you were wondering why there are so many of them on US and Canadian websites, then now your question has been answered. Have I dated a college girl? Yes! However I’m 41 years of age and college babes are looking in the most for guys their age on in their thirties, but in some cases I’m OK for a one night stand 🙂

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