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Webmasters go Datinggold.com and make cash!

I’ve always wanted to post about this Dating Affiliate Program, but really I haven’t had the time, you know, with all the porn posts that I have to publish on all the blogs that I cooperate with, but my job is done for the day and I see that I haven’t posted on this blog for a while, so I can put down a few words that is pretty good news for webmasters in general, adult and mainstream.

The first time that I’ve tried them out was a fucking knock out. I had just gotten ripped off by a company that was a third party and was feeding me dating ads to place on all my sites. It was great for the first year, then I noticed bit by bit they were shaving down my sales and it just got worse time after time. Not only, the free sign ups I was selling were shaved as well, 10% per month, lower and lower, then came the day I told them to get lost.

I was left without a dating program to promote and considering its something that my visitors like I had to find an alternative. It was sitting there all the time and it had been around for years. Datinggold.com is the name, money is the game. Money because it fucking sells. Sells, simply because it offers it’s who signs up a real service to find someone to have sex with and it works. I get emails all the time from visitors that have signed up thinking that it’s my website and want to thank me for the great service that they offer.

I also like very much the options that they offer webmasters of all kinds, so if you’re an adult related webmaster with porn sites, they have you covered with all the content and tools that you could ever think of. On the other hand if your sites are mainstream then have no fear, they have all sorts of options for these sites as well. So as you can see it has no matter if your site is of chicks taking dicks or a brokers info page, they can make you sell.